‘Parlez-vous français?’

‘Parlez-vous français?’

18 February 2013

Seven weeks into the New Year, the Dialogue Hub is pleased to announce that things are basically developing according to plan. A pleasant surprise last month was that the principal funder of the 2012 project phase has responded very favourably upon receiving the published Dialogue Toolkit. Above all, the French Version of the Toolkit is now available to read on this site!

Regarding visibility: The Coordinator attended the ‘Making Democracy Real’ Dialogue in Panchgani, Western India, 1 – 5 February and was invited to present the Dialogue Toolkit to an audience from 20 countries from five continents as part of a plenary meeting devoted to civil society initiatives.

As for implementation: The Paris-based ‘Initiative Dialogue’ programme has been the first to express interest in developing its activities in the region of the French capital by calling on the INGO Dialogue Hub for further training of its teams, also offering this opportunity to partner organizations who operate in the same field. The President of the Council of Europe INGO Conference, Jean-Marie Heydt, has agreed to speak at this intensive immersion course scheduled for 23-24 March.

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