Focus on Implementation and Visibility is confirmed

Focus on Implementation and Visibility is confirmed

4 October 2013

A meeting with Jean-Marie Heydt, President of the Council of Europe INGO Conference took place on 19 September in Strasbourg. The agenda was to evaluate the requests that had come in, mostly via this website, and determine the Dialogue Hub’s course of action for the next months.

The INGO Dialogue Hub will first of all continue to respond to requests for dialogue implementations.
One request is close to project planning, another one is subject to arriving at an implementing partnership.
Furthermore, moves have been initiated with the CoE Parliamentary Assembly for a Recommendation to be passed, which mentions the INGO Dialogue Toolkit.

Finally, all the texts will continue to be readable on this site, but free PDF download of the Toolkit itself remains postponed to a later stage.

More requests to implement INGO Dialogues are very welcome; they will continue to be examined with due attention.


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