Stockholm Activity and Tools Updates

Stockholm Activity and Tools Updates

March 2015: Hope in Järva is he slogan of a social cohesion project in one of the Stockholm Suburbs in Sweden. The INGO Dialogue Hub has been given the task of providing one of three trainings for the local community leaders. One of them aptly summed up the task by saying: “We need to break out of our isolation.” The needs assessment was conducted in 2014, whereas the trainings are happening in March-April, followed by a six-month follow-up period.

The Russian-speaking Academic who had provided the pre-publication Peer Review of the Dialogue Toolkit has suggested that a Russian print version be undertaken. A brief needs assessment has confirmed interest of this publication. The translation has already been done. First inquiries are under way to be able to budget and fundraise this further step.

Finally, the newly elected President of the Council of Europe INGO Conference, Prof. Anna Rurka, has followed up on her predecessor and signed the bi-annual Agreement governing the INGO Dialogue Projects of the organisation.

Left: The Logo of the Stockholm project ‘Hope in Järva’. Right: Prof. Constantin Sigov of the Kiyv Mohyla Academy and INGO Dialogues Coordinator Christoph Spreng (right).

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