Hope in Järva outcomes

October 2015:Following the March-April trainings in the Stockholm area described earlier, the participants have pursued the various actions, which they had identified themselves. Here follows a brief overview from the feedback session at the end of August:

Two participants organized a dialogue on Global citizenship and social inclusion, by bringing together people from Stockholm city, and those living in the suburban areas.

Three participants have facilitated dialogues among the clans of fellow-Somalians. Most of the members of the dialogue were ex combatants, who have been enemies in the battlefield, and now have been given an opportunity for reconciliation. 

Another two have brought together young people in the Tenstadistrict to have a dialogue on segregation and stereotyping. They used many of the tools from the training.

Dialogues on housing rights

A participant couple organized multiple dialogues on housing rights for the vulnerable and displaced residents of Tensta.  The dialogue involved the Svenska Bostadlocal housing company, the media, local NGO’s, residents of Tenstaand the Police. The dialogue has been successful so far in ensuring the housing of the vulnerable residents who were to be displaced. 

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