Double Dutch no more

End May 2016: „Dialogue is a magic word, a medicine“ says Willem from The Hague, Netherlands. Willem is programme coordinator of IofC Netherlands. He and his team have studied the INGO Dialogue Toolkit and found it useful in the task of contributing to social cohesion in their country.

One of the recent events they have organized with migrant and resident communities was entitled: “Is there a story we can share?” It is part of an effort to promote inclusive narratives. The event started with a buffet with food from Syrian, Suriname and Indonesian cuisines. And those who had prepared the dishes had also their own stories to share.

Before the interactive part of the event, Willem presented the INGO Dialogue Toolkit.

Picture: Story sharing in The Hague

One of the participants, Merel, wrote a report of this story sharing event in Dutch entitled ‘Dialogue as medicine’, which can be found here.

An article by Irene on the INGO Dialogue Toolkit was also published in Dutch, entitled ‘This is how to conduct an intercultural conversation’. One of the subtitles of this piece is called: “From segregation to cohesion: some principles of the Toolkit”.

Source and picture: IofC-NL

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