Dialogue Toolkit to help Europe’s “Unfinished Business”

August 2018: The 5th Forum on Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business (AEUB) taking place at Caux, Switzerland, invited the INGO Dialogue Toolkit initiative.

The participants of AEUB 2018 on 23-27 July came from 32 countries and numbered over 180, among them 30 in the framework of the AEUB Young Ambassadors Programme.

A day’s plenary meeting was devoted to a World Café style of showcasing initiatives that were contributing to more social cohesion in Europe. Participants could choose which among 18 initiatives they wanted to get to know. Like that, the INGO Dialogue Toolkit and an overview of its outreach were presented three times for 15 minutes. Out of all those attending the INGO presentations eighteen people asked to get the Dialogue Toolkit slides by Email.

The INGO Dialogue presenter was also asked to speak in the following day’s plenary as one of four who shared from their personal journeys of contributing to social cohesion.

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