Better Together: from Confrontation to Cooperation

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From Confrontation to Cooperation, sounds like from polarization to participation, right? 
The Imam and the Pastor from Nigeria and others will offer practical ways to move from confrontation to collaboration. No matter what is happening in your community – participants will leave the discussion with tools and practices currently being used in communities today to heal divides.

This 90-minute discussion will feature renowned peacemakers Imam and the Pastor as well as community activist Amina Khalid who will explore what tools they use in Sustainable Communities Programme. Get an inside look at the actions being taken in areas like Nigeria, Lebanon, and the UK.    

Thursday 25 March 2021
13.00 GMT
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The above content has been offered courtesy of IofC-International. It is closely related to the topic of this very website, hence we take pleasure in announcing this event our readers. 
Be better together, but stay safe!

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