A new Term, a new Team!

5 May 2021 – The Conference of International NGOs of the Council of Europe has held online elections at the end of last month. A three-year term has come to an end. Besides many effective actions, the last term created a Communications Charter, a Code of Conduct and revised Rules of Procedure, that simplify structures and are aligned for greater impact. 

Why mention these bits of home-work? It is because Governance matters. People are tired of lofty announcements without follow-up. Yes, walking the talk matters!  Now, a new President, two Vice-Presidents and eight Standing Committee members make up the newly elected team. 

The newly elected Standing Committee with President Gerhard Ermischer (top row, 2nd from left)

Taking care of the Civic Space is a key task for the new team, because it is seriously challenged in many States. The Council of Europe is the institutional guardian of Human Rights – in the words of the General Secretary: “Human Rights, the Soul of modern Europe” – and is on the forefront of guaranteeing and reclaiming them. Therefore, the Conference of INGOs (CINGO)as the voice of organized civil society matters, to care better about this our “Soul”. 

Ten years ago, the then leaders of CINGO gave the signal to begin working on a Dialogue methodology that could overcome polarization and initiate participation to address pending issues. It was the beginning of what led to the creation of this website. So, stay tuned to more innovations and do not hesitate to bring about some of them yourselves. 

And, last but not least, today the Council of Europe can celebrate its 72nd birthday, so many happy returns of the day!

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