Dialogue Implementing Partners

Initiative Dialogue Programme, Paris, France 
A group of volunteer facilitators working in some of the suburbs of the Paris region wanted to get further training and asked for two days on the INGO Dialogue Toolkit.

Space for Civic Dialogue, Kairouan, Tunisia 
A coalition of NGOs developed the programme “Carrefour de dialogue citoyen” just at the time when the new Constitution came out. They saw the priority need to develop youth and women from diverse regions and backgrounds. The INGO DT component was introduced as stage two of the programme. 

University Women of Europe, 2014 Annual Congress 
Here, an introductory session of 90 Minutes was asked for in the context of the UWE Annual Congress. 

Hope in Järva, Stockholm, Sweden 
A baseline report analyzed the situation of the very diverse and challenged northern suburbs of the Swedish capital. Then a three tier programme was designed in which the INGO Toolkit Training served to help participants identify the polarized issues and how to shift them into participative mode.

Initiatives of Change, The Hague, Netherlands
These people have been engaged in diversity challenges for some time. They made use of the INGO DT in a variety of ways.